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Business Insurance Interruption Claims

When a natural disaster strikes such as a hurricane, flood or fire, businesses may suffer serious property and physical damages making it impossible to stay in operation.  Many business owners invest in business interruption insurance, however when it comes time to file business interruption claims, insurance companies may deny, delay or underpay them.  The Freeman Law Firm, P.A. has represented many business owners across the Florida Keys whose business interruption insurance claims have been delayed, denied or minimized by insurance companies. While business interruption insurance is in place to protect business owners after an unforeseen catastrophic event, the unfortunate truth is that some insurance companies may try to low ball or even deny insurance claims. If you feel that you are being treated unfairly by your insurance company I encourage you to contact my office and schedule your appointment for a free consultation. Since 1996, I have successfully pursued claims and lawsuits against insurance companies for business interruption insurance claims.

Has your insurance company denied, delayed or underpaid your business interruption insurance claim?
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What is Business Interruption Insurance?

Business interruption claims are usually filed when a catastrophic event has occurred making it impossible for a company to stay in operation. Business interruption claims are intended to cover reconstruction costs and loss in income as the company gets their business back in operation. Companies may purchase business interruption insurance in addition to their property insurance policy. Business interruption insurance is not available as a stand-alone policy. When filing a claim for business interruption, supporting documents are needed such as expense reports, revenue reports, number of employees, the business history and more.

If you have filed or will be filing a claim for business interruption insurance, hiring a professional to help file the claim, document damages and negotiate with your insurance company can be very beneficial to the outcome of your case. For more information on how The Freeman Law Firm, P. A. can help you with your claim, contact our office.